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Brad Hendricks Named Chairman of Arkansas Bar Association Professional Ethics Committee For Ninth Co

For the ninth consecutive year, the Arkansas Bar Association has chosen Brad Hendricks to be the Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee.

The Professional Ethics Committee develops and improves disciplinary issues and procedures for Bar Association members. As Chairman, should allegations of ethical misconduct be made against any member or person conducting business with the Bar Association, Mr. Hendricks will be responsible for investigating the allegations. This is a responsibility that he has continued to take on with great pride since first becoming Chairman in 2009.

Other members of the Committee will also assist in the effort of investigating and submitting a report to the authorities in order to issue appropriate action. This is to ensure that the Arkansas Bar Association will continue to be conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and best practices.

Mr. Hendricks has been a member of the Arkansas Bar Association since 1980 and has previously served as the Chairman of both the Tort Law Section and the Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law.

This year, he was appointed by President Anthony A. Hilliard to perform his duties as Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee with dedication and fairness to all concerned.

Congratulations again to Mr. Hendricks at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm for the honor!


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