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• Social Security Disability Insurance

Have you been denied SSDI Benefits you have earned?

If you are disabled and cannot work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. Most people who apply for SSDI, even if they are qualified, are denied the first and even the second time. If that happens, The Brad Hendricks Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas is here to help.

Little Rock, Arkansas, SSDI attorney Caroline Lewis will fight hard to help you win the SSDI benefits to which you are entitled. We understand that being disabled and pursuing treatment without medical insurance is very difficult for most families. That is why we pursue SSDI claims with focus and persistence. Our aim is to win the claim for you as early in the process as possible.

Arkansas SSDI Lawyer Caroline Lewis
Social Security Disability Lawyer Little Rock Arkansas

How a SSI/SSDI Attorney at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm Can Help

Qualifying for SSDI

If you are awarded SSDI, you will receive Medicaid and a monthly stipend to help pay living expenses. Qualifying disabilities and conditions include:

Clinical depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Fibromyalgia, lupus, or arthritis

Multiple sclerosis

Spinal injuries or disorders

Chronic fatigue

When you apply for SSDI because you have a disability, you will have to explain in great detail what the symptoms are and how they stop you from performing the work that you did before.


Get a Seasoned SSDI Advocate on Your Side

When you are asked to present evidence on your own behalf, it is wise to have seasoned SSDI counsel. SSDI attorney, David Rawls, focuses exclusively on social security disability law and has extensive knowledge of the SSA and the complex laws and regulations governing social security disability. Mr. Rawls has years of experience in the social security disability appeals process from hearings before an administrative law judge through appeals.


If your initial claim is denied by the SSA,  our disability attorney  can help you appeal the denial. A request for reconsideration can be made within sixty days after your first application is denied. If the reconsideration is denied, you can request a hearing before an administrative law judge where you will be able to explain your need for SSI or SSDI in person.

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