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Little Rock Attorney Appointed Chairman of Ethics Committee – 10th Straight Year

Little Rock attorney Brad Hendricks was appointed Chairman of the Arkansas Bar Association Professional Ethics Committee for 2018-2019 by President Suzanne Clark of Fayetteville. This is the tenth consecutive year that Mr. Hendricks has been appointed Chairman of the committee.

The Professional Ethics Committee develops and improves disciplinary issues and procedures for Bar Association members. As Chairman, should allegations of ethical misconduct be made against any member or person conducting business with the Bar Association, Mr. Hendricks will be responsible for investigating the allegations.

Mr. Hendricks has been a member of the Arkansas Bar Association since 1980 and has previously served as the Chairman of both the Tort Law Section and the Committee on Unauthorized Practice of Law. The Arkansas Bar Association is a voluntary, statewide Association with more than 5,000 attorney members. The Association and its members participate in a variety of programs and services for the legal profession and society. Among the purposes of the Association are advancing the administration of justice in Arkansas and fostering high ideals of integrity, learning and public service among its members. The Arkansas Bar Association was founded in 1898.

Congratulations to Brad Hendricks for acting as the Chairman of the Arkansas Bar Association Professional Ethics Committee officially for a decade!


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