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Michelle Tyree Awarded 2020 ATLA Paralegal of the Year

Michelle Tyree has been selected by the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association for the honor of Outstanding Paralegal/Legal Assistant in recognition of her outstanding service within this past year as well as over her entire 16 year career with The Brad Hendricks Law Firm.

To be chosen for this honor, the Paralegal/Legal Assistant must:

  1. Consistently demonstrate skill, professionalism, and dedication to advancing the efficient and effective operation of the law office

  2. Be a member of ATLA

  3. Be involved in local civic/community activities

  4. Have a dedication to the ATLA and its mission

Brad Hendricks and the entire team at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm believe that Michelle embodies the spirit of this award with her dedicated service to the firm, ATLA, PARF, LDN, and to the community as a whole.

As an employee of The Brad Hendricks Law Firm for almost 16 years, her duties have included everything from personnel management to policy creation, implementation, and compliance. We are proud to have her on our team!

“Michelle carries out all of my goals and instructions with respect to everything in the law firm. She also handles individual cases when problems arise. She is able to think outside the box for creative ways to solve issues and is not afraid to offer ideas, suggestions, and feedback. All staff members bring all of their problems and issues on cases to her, and she instinctively knows how I would respond in each instance. She carries out my agenda with professionalism and diplomacy.” – Brad Hendricks

In her free time, Michelle’s volunteer work includes working with the Youth Home at Greek Food Festival, giving blood to Arkansas Blood Institute Blood Drive, participating and raising money for LLS Light the Night Walk, and providing food to Hospice Home Care families.

The firm congratulates Michelle on this honor!


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