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Arkansas Security Officer Killed While Directing School Traffic

A driver hit and killed a school security officer who was directing traffic on the first day of school in Little Rock Monday morning.

Victor Montgomery was directing traffic between Robinson High School and Robinson Elementary just outside Little Rock.

A car hit Montgomery and dragged him for several yards before stopping.

Emergency crews took him to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

"It is imperative for motorists to slow down in school zones. There are three schools within walking distance of each other in this area of Highway 10/Cantrell Road," a district news release read. "There is absolutely no reason for any motorist to drive above the speed limit in this area any time of day, much less during school drop off and pick up time."

Montgomery had worked for the school district, directing traffic at the schools for seven years.

Arkansas State Troopers noted the weather was clear and dry at the time of the accident. The driver of the vehicle was driving on state highway 10 at Joe T Robinson Elementary School and began to drive in the continuous left turn lane where he made contact with the security officer who was directing school traffic. More info from the Arkansas State Police can be found here.

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