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Arkansas has been blessed with many natural resources including bauxite, an important commercial source of aluminum. Some of Arkansas’ bauxite mines are still in operation though many have closed, including the Reynolds Company’s Hurricane Creek plant.

In order to extract chemicals, mining engineers used the process called hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) or forcing water into the ground under great pressure. When the process was finished, the water used in the process is migrated to other properties where mining never took place.

The unexpected result was pollution of underground water sources. If you are a property owner affected by this concern, call the environmental law attorneys at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, at (501) 214-0998 or toll-free at (870) 330-0475. You can set up a free initial consultation with a qualified environmental law lawyer to discuss your concerns and potential options.

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Our lawyers are ready to protect your rights as a property owner. Depending on the case, that may mean pursuing compensation from the company responsible for loss of the use of property and related costs.

Environmental law is an important focus at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm, along with personal injury, medical malpractice, and business and commercial litigation.

The true impact of environmental pollution is felt by the property owners who have health concerns and are afraid the problem will get even worse as the quality of the aquifer water degrades further. Down the road there is the possibility that the water table may be lowered and the ground may become more unstable. It is difficult to lessen the effects of mining once it has begun.

Environmental law is fairly complex and involves a number of players, including the State of Arkansas, the federal government, and insurance and mining companies. Our goal is to pursue maximum compensation for contamination complaints including water contaminants.

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We have nineteen years of practice experience, including environmental law and business and commercial law. For seasoned counsel, contact our law offices and arrange a free initial consultation with an environmental law attorney.

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If you or a loved one have a metal-on-metal hip replacement implant and believe it was manufactured by Stryker® Orthopaedics, please call The Brad Hendricks Law Firm today to discuss your rights and potential claim at (501) 214-0998 or toll-free at (870) 330-0475.

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