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Tré Kitchens Featured in Arkansas Business

Our very own Tré Kitchens was featured in the August 13th edition of Arkansas Business magazine. In a post titled “Life is Priceless,” Kitchens offered commentary on Issue 1 of the Arkansas ballot come November.

Issue 1 is a proposed amendment to our state’s Constitution which places a cap on the damages a jury can award when there has been a loss of life, limb, or other tragedy. If passed, it will devalue the lives of certain individuals like children, college students, and retired veterans by saying they are worth less than those with incomes on their tax returns.

Even worse, it could result in the neglect or abuse of nursing home patients. For example, if a facility perceives that the savings of understaffing outweighs the cost of the potential $500,000 claim, they might choose to understaff to the dismay of the elderly and disabled.

Mr. Kitchens also argued that Issue 1 will take power away from the people and put it in the hands of lobbyists and corporate interests. He concluded that life is priceless and the rights of everyone in Arkansas, no matter what age or circumstance, need to be safeguarded. To learn more about Issue 1, please read the full article, Life Is Priceless (Tré Kitchens Commentary).


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