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The importance of a solid business contract can never be overstated. A well-constructed contract agreement can steer the business relationship in a positive direction and provide guidance in resolving disputes in an effective manner. Taking time today to draft a comprehensive contract could very well minimize, if not eliminate, costly litigation.

At The Brad Hendricks Law Firm, our Little Rock, Arkansas, business contract attorneys assist in drafting and negotiating all types of business-related contracts. We consider all the issues that may arise in the relationship and address these in negotiations of the terms of agreement. We work closely with our clients to help ensure the contract protects their interests. Our involvement now can help prevent litigation later.

Tre Kitchens Business Contract Lawyer Little Rock Arkansas
Business Contract Attorney Little Rock Arkansas

How a Business Law Attorney at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm Can Help

Need a Contract Reviewed?

We provide contract review services for those who were given a business contract to sign but want it looked over before they commit to its terms.

As a general service, we will review the contract and inform you of your rights and obligations under the terms. We want to make sure you fully understand the agreement you are signing. We also will thoroughly evaluate the agreement for any holes or clauses that may not be in your best interests, and if necessary, will negotiate with the other party for more favorable conditions.

Arkansas Breach of Contract Dispute Lawyers

Sometimes a dispute cannot be avoided. To protect your interests, please contact The Brad Hendricks Law Firm as soon as possible so we can begin working on a favorable resolution. We will review the case and determine whether negotiations or litigation is better to resolve the situation. While we strive to resolve contract disputes amicably, sometimes matters are beyond reasonable discussion and need to be taken to court. Our goal is to address the issue and reach a solution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so you can move forward.

We handle business contract disputes involving:

Breach of fiduciary duty

Breach of contract

Trade secret disputes

Noncompete agreement disputes

Severance package and pension disagreements

Partnership disputes

Shareholder disputes

Purchase and sale agreements

Business dissolution conflicts

Business Contracts Arkansas Lawyer

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Business Contracts Attorney Little Rock
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