Arkansas Bar Association

Brad Hendricks Named Ethics Officer of the Arkansas Bar Association

The Arkansas Bar Association recently adopted a “whistle-blower” policy pertaining to allegations of ethical misconduct by officers and members of the Arkansas Bar Association. As Chairman of the Professional Ethics Committee of the Arkansas Bar Association, Mr. Hendricks became the new Ethics Officer of the association under the policy, and agreed to accept this new responsibility. Should allegations of ethical misconduct be made against any officer, committee member or other person conducting the business of the association, Mr. Hendricks is responsible for investigating the allegations, with assistance from other members of the Professional Ethics Committee as designated by Mr. Hendricks, and for submission of reports to the proper authorities for appropriate action.

Upon learning of this appointment, Mr. Hendricks stated: “This further ensures that the business of the Arkansas Bar Association is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards. I am honored that the President has entrusted me with this vital function, and will perform the tasks vigorously with fairness to all concerned.”