Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)

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Have you been denied SSI benefits?

In order to qualify for SSDI or Social Security Disability Income, you must have worked at least 20 quarters over the past 20 years. If you have never worked or worked only part-time, you may qualify for Social Security Income benefits if you have a demonstrated disability and can show financial need.

Here at The Brad Hendricks Law Firm, representing Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income clients has been an important part of our practice since the firm was founded in 1990. We are committed to providing learned counsel about the legal issues that our clients care about, including Social Security law, personal injury and business and commercial litigation.

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Appealing the Government’s Decision

Most clients who come to The Brad Hendricks Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas have already filled out the lengthy Social Security Income application and have been denied. We understand how difficult it can be to wait for benefits, especially at the time when you need them most.

Nearly 75% of all applicants are denied benefits the first two times they apply for SSI or SSDI benefits. The single biggest mistake people make is failing to appeal within the appropriate time period. More than two-thirds of the people who are denied at the first step fail to ask for reconsideration.

Our Little Rock, Arkansas Social Security disability attorneys recommend you keep in contact with your doctor and follow her or his instructions for treatment. Otherwise you may damage your case.

Get the SSI Benefits You Need

The best way to be sure that you receive a full and fair hearing and all the benefits to which you are entitled, is to have the help of an attorney who understands Social Security regulations and law, and is interested in protecting YOUR RIGHTS.

Let The Brad Hendricks Law Firm’s experienced Little Rock, Arkansas Social Security Disability attorneys help you secure your benefits. For additional information, visit our Social Security Disability Q&A.

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